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There are many roofing contractors that build flat roofing in and around the Caterham area. As with any industry, you can expect varying standards of workmanship and customer service depending on the company you pick. The same goes for when picking contractors to conduct pitched roof repairs / flat roofing repairs. Mason & Sons Roofing has a fantastic reputation for an exceptional standard of work and a personal service that makes clients feel valued.


On this page, we’ve looked to explain exactly what separates high quality flat roofing systems and inferior ones which won’t last as long as be far more likely to require flat roofing repairs. Should you have a question regarding what we do, as outlined on our Services and Roofing Contractors pages, don’t hesitate to skip this article and give us a call on 01737 769 888 or 07561 881 349.


Membrane – The most crucial aspect of flat roofing is arguably the membrane. This is tasked with providing an outer shield that will keep your Caterham property warm and dry. Our roofing contractors use both bitumen felt and RubberGuard EPDM flat roofing membranes. Both are very good at their task and rarely require flat roofing repairs.


Decking – This serves as the foundation of your flat roofing, over which membrane is laid. It must be strong enough to support the loads it is likely to be exposed to. Some decking is designed to support the weight of multiple adults, while less heavy duty decking might not deal so well with this kind of stress. Our roofing contractors always use high quality decking that will ensure you don’t require roof repairs due to structural damage to the roof.


Ventilation – If insulation is going to be placed between joists, then some sort of ventilation needs to be integrated within your flat roofing. This will allow air to flow freely and safeguard you against damp by stopping moisture from condensing.


Falls – Flat roofing must feature a slightly sloped gradient to ensure water can make its way off the roof and not form in pools on top. Otherwise, you are at heightened risk of suffering a leak and requiring flat roofing repairs. Reputable roofing contractors, like our own near Caterham, will ensure your roof is 100% fit for purpose and won’t struggle to cope with excess rainfall due to inclement weather.


U Value – It is a legal requirement that both pitched and flat roofing meets certain U Values, which show how energy efficient a roof is. Caterham roofing contractors that fail to build to this standard aren’t just putting their company and client at risk of legal action, but are costing their client significant money on their energy bills (via heat loss).


Installation – Obviously, the installation of flat roofing is a hugely important aspect. It doesn’t matter if roofing contractors use the best membrane and decking on the market, if they do a sloppy job that will likely require roof repairs down the line. Choose trusted flat roofing experts like Mason & Sons, based near Caterham in Redhill, and you know you’ll get a job done to perfection!


What are you waiting for? For high quality flat roofing or roof repairs in Caterham, call Mason & Sons now on 01737 769888 or 07561 881 349.



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